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Welcome to 12 Dimensions of DNA Activations

Activating the Truth of Who you Are from the Sub-atomic DNA –
Live your Life in the Miracle Zone

  • A new activation every day – every dimension of your Cosmic DNA will come alive – and you can replay it!
  • Activate the experience of time bending, communication beyond words, spontaneous healing, integration with all guidance and angels and so much more……
  • 20 minutes daily of pure expansion for the awakening world beyond 2013
  • Game on, let’s play, dissolve density and live in flow …….


"Hello Jennifer and Team,
I am starting these Awakenings late because I was en-route from Amsterdam to US and then sick. But I am on day 6. I am doing two a day to catch up. I am loving this and want to let you know what a wonderful gift that you are imparting to all of us! Thank you! Words can not convey the appreciation that I feel. Each activation is better and better. Mother earth was great, and then the one on angels was super. Anyway, I will not waste words. May you be blessed and continue to bless others! Thank you!"
Love Beth

"Jennifer, you did such a GREAT job clarifying gifts and activations and non-guruship! Well down, heaven on earth woman..... "

“Wow! Thank you and the universe for coming into my life and probably saving it from me. The joy, harmony and inner peace I have, is overwhelming.” “You have left me touched, moved and inspired.  Sometimes I am so much more at peace on my own these days? I am changing at such a fast energy and feel so connected to you and the friends I've made through the course, and a few others.  You are a wonderful person.  I am so blessed to have met you. Love and inspiration back”. A – from Thornhill (Nutritionist)

Have you ever asked yourself:

♦ How can we maintain peace within in times of great change?

♦ Why is that harmony available now like no other time before?

♦ Have you noticed the sense of urgency inside because everything is speeding up?

♦ Have you had a feeling of old issues you thought you ‘dealt with’ coming up again?

♦ Do you know the tools of awakening that assist you to transmute density in minutes instead of years?

♦ What does 2013 AND BEYOND look like?

♦ How do you move the energy of an entire room?

♦ Would you like to be activated on every Dimensions of your 12 DNA Potentials?


Why is jennifer and the wide awakening team doing this?

We are doing this because it is time for us all to experience our own personal Heaven and 2013 and beyond marks the end of Humanity’s struggle with it’s ego.  We wanted to assist you to be able to transmute your past, while integrating the fluidity that comes from realizing all of the abilities you have to be able to fly. Abilities that have been hidden or called “special gifts”, when actually they are our innate abilities, that assist us to live that personal Heaven.  It’s time to live in the light of our delicious destiny as we learn to enjoy the gift of life on Earth…..imagine fully ENJOYING your life on Earth……..BECAUSE IT’S TIME.  This program is available now because we felt is as important, the collective was definitely requesting it……and it’s fun…..and we wanted to include as many people as we could, because it shifts consciousness more quickly……..but mostly because it is delicious to dance together in an exponential flow of YES!

Who is this experience for?

♦ Anyone one that is ready to Wake Up and Live the Life They Love………

♦ Those looking for ease, flow and the Awakening of all of their abilities

♦ Those that are done with the old paradigms of struggle, competition, manipulation and density………..those that are ready for fluidity, co-opetition, contributing their gifts and a New Earth



When you purchase the dvd set, you will receive:


2. THE URL LINK TO receive a free copy of Jennifer's recent written summary  "Our True Human Abilities Beyond 2013 - The 12 Dimensions of DNA"

When you purchase the video file links, you will receive:


2. THE URL LINK TO Receive a free co of Jennifer's recent written summary  "Our True Human Abilities Beyond 2013 - The 12 Dimensions of DNA"

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What are we activating and why?

Activation 1- The Physical You – YOU IN A BODY ON A PLANET – This dimension is about what it is to truly live your life, love your body, hug a friend and use your 5 3D senses  to the max free of judgment.

Activation 2 - You as 2 in 1 – YOU IN A BODY AND YOU AS INFINITE WISDOM – This is about the illusion of polarized states, duality and separation.

Activation 3 - Transmutation Portal – PORTAL OF THE ETHERIC MADE 3D - The third eye, the pineal level, the Portal through which all other levels are translated into the physical.  All is possible here.

Activation 4 - Communion with Pacha Mama – GOING DIRECT WITH PLANET EARTH, NATURE AND OUR ENVIRONMENT – Here we see no separation from Pacha Mama and we are in complete communion with this physical world, hearing the plants, trees, rocks as well as cars, buildings and sidewalks.

Activation 5  - Dimension of Fluid Shifts  - SHIFTS IN CONSCIOUSNESS – Here you master changes in consciousness, live in the miracle zone while going with the flow of all of Creation without resistance.  The mind becomes a tool, instead of a safety brake.

Activation 6 - The Pure Love Harmonic & Telomeric Expression – YOUR ANGELS ARE ONE WITH YOU – This level is about the ability to recognize love in any situation, shift the energy within density and a profound sense of harmony with life such that you have the confidence to understand that you are being facilitated from within, no need to look outside yourself.

Activation 7 - Guidance as Your Higher Self – LIVING LIFE AS AN ADVENTURE IN EXPANSION – Your higher levels don’t want to contemplate, they want to play.

Activation 8 - Dreams Made Manifest  & Greater Purpose – YOUR OWN MAGIC WAND WHERE MIRACLES BECOME NORMALS – Here you can move material objects and shape shift.  Here is where you can step out of time.

Activation 9 - Cellular Instinct & Sponstaneous Healing – ACCESS TO INFINITE WISDOM AND ACTIVATION OF YOUR PERFECTION – You can assist any part of your physicality to let go of density by activating the Truth.

Activation 10 - Meaning and Purpose – FULFILLMENT IN LIFE – This layer has you understanding your piece of the puzzle of heaven on Earth.

Activation 11 - Compassion as Default – THE LASER OF LOVE AND WISE LION/LIONESS – This level is all about using the most powerful shifter of this planet, humanity and density that there is.  Love.

Activation 12 - Creation and Pure Potential – UNCONDITIONAL EXPANSIVE YES-NESS – This level is about the “I am”.  Not as a statement, but simply the fact.  From there, all is possible.  The embodiment of your pure potential lies here.

$24.97 each

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DVD SET $297

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